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Manage Your Store Like Never Before

Nerdslice is a revolutionary store management ecosystem comprised of NerdPOS and NerdPay. It features a point-of-sale system, personalized ecommerce website, mobile app, invoice processing, reward management, inventory management, subscription management, comic book and TCG pricing, and so much more!

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Some of Nerdslice's technology integrations/partners

Penquin Random House
Lunar Distribution
Diamond Comics

Power your business with NerdPay payments

Nerdpay is an end-to-end payments system that is fully integrated into NerdPOS and the Nerdslice ecosystem. This makes it an ideal choice for for comic, game, and hobby retailers to save costs and simplify their business model.

“Nerdpay combines payment flexibility for Customers and reduced costs for Retailers. It's a no-brainer to use Nerdpay for your store.”

Tim Huizinga, CEO

Choose Your Plan

Get the basics you need for your business or upgrade to Nerdslice Pro for the full suite of store management features.

Nerdslice Starter

All the basics, with none of the commitment.


What's Included

  • Subscription Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Initial Orders/FOC
  • Integrated NerdPOS App
  • 1 Register
  • Store Website on Subdomain
  • And Much MORE!

Nerdslice Essentials

Get the basics you need for your business or upgrade to Nerdslice Pro for the full suite of store management features and discounts.

$150 /mo

What's Included

  • Everything in Nerdslice Starter, Plus:
  • Store Branded Website
  • Comic/TCG Pricing
  • Up to 2 Registers
  • Discounted NerdPay Fees
  • And Much MORE!

Nerdslice Pro

Taking your comic, game, and hobby store the the next level

$200 /mo

What's included

  • Everything in Nerdslice Essentials, Plus:
  • Customized Store App for iOS and Android
  • Unlimited Registers (multi-location ready)
  • Discounted NerdPay Fees
  • And Much MORE!

Seamless experience on any device

Provide users a feature rich personalized experience on the web or mobile app. Receive push notifications, manage subscriptions, and pay for comics, all from any ios or android device.

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A store management system built for efficiency

From managing inventory and subscriptions to payroll, Nerdslice is your sidekick to get things done faster.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory with ease by importing distributer invoices. Automatically update inventory simply by scanning barcodes in a fraction of the time compared to competitor methods.

Subscription Management

Manage subscriptions placed online, mobile app, or in store. Send mobile push notifications or email reminders to customers to when their comics are available to pickup.

Payroll Services (coming soon)

Track employee timecards, send paychecks on a regular schedule, manage tax forms all within the Nerdslice platform.

Cloud Platform

Our cloud infrastructure combines the speed you want and reliability you need to run your business. Hardware failures, lengthy 3 party software recovery, and outdated software are history with automatic updates andbackups every 15 minutes ensures your data is never lost. Ever.

Universal Series Coding System

Never lose subscriptions from changing series codes again. We cracked the code and created a proprietary system that adapts to changing series codes. No setup, no maintenance, it just works. Sit back and capture the additional revenue.

Branded Website and App

Ecommerce website, ios and android app, windows app, terminal POS integration, all provide payment versatility for users while giving retailers tools to operate their business stress free.

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