Frequently asked questions

How long are your contracts for services?

Monthly. We do not believe in locking anyone down on contracts. We believe that we earn the right to be your point of sale each and every month.

Do I need to have a brick and mortar store to have Nerdslice?

This is correct. We found that if you are online only a point of sale makes very little sense. We do not have open time limitations but do require you to be a brick and mortar store.

Do I need expensive hardware to run NerdPOS?

No. We offer NerdPOS for Mac, Windows, Android, iPad and Steam Deck. We believe what ever you have available as your computer is enough!

My store has special needs from a system. Can you help?

Most likely, yes, but we do not know until you Contact Us.

What are my setup fees?

Aside from your initial credit card reader(s), nothing. We are firmly against setup fees.

Do I need to schedule a demo to get started?

No you do not. After you are done working for the day, if that's when you want to get started, you can sign up with Nerdslice and start inputting your inventory tonight right here.